FUT 18 – CPA Marketing Landing Page

FUT 18 – CPA Marketing Landing Page

FUT 18 Generator Landing Page is based on one of the most popular e-sports soccer games called Fifa 2018. This LP is featuring a beautiful design which is based on the original colors that are being used inside the Fifa 18 in-game menu.
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FUT 18
CPA Landing Page

Meet the best FUT 18 Resources Generator Landing page on the Internet! Features like live chat, recent activity, interactive resources selection and configurable sound effects, will surely make a positive impact on your visitors and enable you to squeeze the maximum conversion rates for your campaigns.

Live Chat and Recent Activity Scripts

Fake live chat script will act as a strong social proof and will help you to convert more of your visitors to leads. There are more than 150 pre-written strings in English language so you can start using it straight away.

Recent activity script will display a random player username with a different amount of generated resources for each displayed player. Recent activity creates an atmosphere of social pressure where your visitor start to believe that they are missing on generating the resources while other people are doing it, and encourages them to try it by themselves by completing all generator steps.

Easily Configurable Content Locker

Adding your custom content locker from network of your choice was never easier. You can easily edit your content locker by opening content_locker_settings.php file and adding your locker script there along with your networks onClick code. Detailed instructions on this topic can be found inside the Read-Me-First-Instructions file which comes along with this landing page.

Perfect Display on all devices

Our mobile-first approach in development will make sure that this landing page will display perfect on all devices. There is no need to worry about loosing leads on certain devices any longer as we are aware of the importance of mobile traffic, therefore we are constantly making sure that all of our landing pages are displaying flawlessly on all screen sizes.

FUT 18 Generator – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Dynamic Count-Up Effect

Dynamic Count-Up Effect

The amount of selected resources is displayed inside the console processing with a dynamic count-up effect.
FUT 18 Generator – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Fully Responsive Design

Fully responsive design

100% Responsive design will ensure that this landing page will display correctly on all devices of all screen sizes.

FUT 18 Generator – CPA Marketing Landing Page - License Key Protection

License Key Protection

Every customer receives a license key which can be used on up to 3 domains simultaneously. Read more about licensing system here
FUT 18 Generator – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Recent Activity

Recent Activity

Dynamic recent activity for even more social proof is displaying a random player username and the amount of selected resources
FUT 18 Generator – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Easy to integrate

Easy to Integrate

No matter which content locking network you are using, this landing page can be easily integrated with your locker in less than two minutes.
FUT 18 Generator – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Free Skype Support

Free Skype Support

Included free skype support for all our customers, where you can get our assistance with setting up your landing page.

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