Required PHP extensions

In order for your landing page to work properly, you need to make sure that your server configuration is set to support all the required settings and extensions which allow communication between our licensing server and your website.

In case you experiencing problems after uploading your landing page files and connecting your domain name with your license key inside customer profile on our website, please make sure that all required PHP settings listed below are properly configured on your hosting server.

Required PHP Version:

  • Suggested PHP version is 7.2 (faster and more secure compared to 5.6)
  • Minimum PHP version is 5.6 (not recommended)

Required PHP Extensions:

  • enabled cURL
  • enabled mbstring
  • enabled allow_url_fopen

In case you find that your current PHP configuration is not properly set-up, we recommend you to contact your hosting support and ask them to enable the required PHP extensions.

Need further help? Submit a support ticket