How to upload files I received

After downloading the .zip archive file which contains your purchased landing page files, you will need to upload them to your hosting server.

To do so, you will need to extract and transfer all the files from downloaded .zip archive file, inside the root or sub-folder directory of your hosting server which is located inside www or public_html folder (both www and public_html are the same folder).

1. Uploading files through File Manager

You can use cPanel native File Manager tool to upload the .zip file to your server.

  • Login to to cPanel and navigate to > Files section > File Manager
  • Once File manager is opened you will be taken to home directory by default.
  • Navigate to the root folder for your website (public_html or www). You can create a subfolder or upload the files directly to your root public_html directory.
  • Click on the Upload button inside the top navigation menu.
  • Select your landing page file or simply drag-and-drop it from your local machine.
  • Once the .zip file is uploaded, you can also extract the archive file by selecting it and click on the “Extract” button on the top nav menu.

2. Uploading files through a FTP client

You can use a FTP client to upload files as an alternative to File Manager tool. Downside of using a FTP client is that there is no option to extract the archive file through it, so you will first need to extract the files on your local machine before you upload them through your FTP client.

There are many FTP clients available, and you can choose one that you find most fitting. We recommend that you use Filezilla FTP client which is free and features a friendly user interface with easy to use server connection menu.

  • Download the Filezilla FTP client from their official website.
  • Once downloaded, run the setup file and install the Filezilla FTP Client, once installation is done click on the icon on your desktop to launch the program.
  • Connect to your hosting server through one of the protocols explained below:

    FTPes (explicit SSL mode, encrypted):
    Host: ftpes://server your account is hosted on
    Port: 21
    Protocol: FTP
    Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS
    Logon Type: Normal
    User: your cPanel username
    Password: your cPanel password

    SFTP (SSH-based secure FTP, encrypted):
    Host: sftp://server your account is hosted on
    Port: 21098
    Protocol: SFTP
    Logon Type: Normal
    User: your cPanel username
    Password: your cPanel password
  • Once you insert the server connection details and login credentials, click on Quickconnect button.

After connection is successfully established through you FTP Client, you can start uploading your landing page files inside the public_html/www folder.

Need further help? Submit a support ticket