AppRocket V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page

AppRocket V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page

Introducing AppRocket V2 – the next evolution in app-listing type of landing pages. Built upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, AppRocket V2 isn't just an update but rather a complete transformation that elevates the experience of showcasing and downloading various apps with a more modern, sophisticated design. It features an improved back-end admin panel functionality, enabling you complete control over managing listed apps and complete landing page configuration, all without the need to edit any code.
Price: €49.90
License Limit: 1 Domain(Read more about licensing system)
Type: PHP
Current Version: 1.0.1
Created: 23.1.2024
Last Update: 31.1.2024
Number of Downloads: 40

About AppRocket V2
CPA Marketing Landing Page

Discover AppRocket V2, the new version of our highly popular AppRocket landing page, now redesigned with enhanced capabilities and even greater control. Easily add and manage your listed apps and app mods effortlessly through our improved back-end admin panel, without touching a single line of code.

AppRocket V2 steps up with all new features like device-specific redirect URLs, a rich content editor for detailed app descriptions, and customizable app processing times.

The landing page is now divided into 4 different view sections called "Discover", "Games", "Apps" and "Search" through which you can navigate with an intuitive nav menu for optimal placement and display of your app listing items.

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Mobile First Responsive Design & Device Recognition

AppRocket V2 leaps forward with its improved responsive design, ensuring a flawless display and interaction on all devices - be it smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Its design and UX ensure that your visitors will enjoy a seamless mobile-app alike experience, regardless of the device they use.

You can easily toggle between desktop-mobile or mobile-only mode through the admin panel settings and control which type of devices are allowed to visit your website. Advanced device-type recognition functionality also allows you to set dedicated processing redirect/download URLs based on the operating system of the visitor device for each app-item individually.

Improved Admin Dashboard Configuration

The updated admin panel functionality in AppRocket V2 landing page allows you to easily add new apps or edit the existing ones with even more options than before. You can highlight apps that you want to expose by showcasing them inside the “Featured” or “Trending” sections. Additionally, you can easily rearrange the order position of how the app-items are displayed inside the “Games” and “Apps” sections through the intuitive drag and drop functionality.

With the integration of a rich content editor, you can create compelling and visually appealing app descriptions that are easy to edit. The new editor supports quick insertion of various title tags and list items which allows you to write highly formatted app descriptions.

In addition, you can fully customize all of the existing text strings directly through the admin panel where you can also configure other options like website meta tags, logo images, and your Google Analytics 4 tracking ID.

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Toggable Color Mode & 8 Color Accents

Your visitors can now toggle between the light and dark color modes to select their preferred display mode with a click of a button. Configuration of the default color mode can be done through the admin panel where you can also disable the front-end color mode toggle selection in case you don't want to allow users to change it.

With an expanded selection of 16 color preset combinations, AppRocket V2 offers even more ways to personalize and brand your app mod landing page.

What's New in AppRocket V2?

  • Enhanced mobile and desktop design for a modern, app-like user experience.
  • Separate redirect URL options for Android and iOS visitors.
  • Advanced content editor for app descriptions, featuring easy inclusion of H2, H3, H4 title tags, and list items.
  • Customizable processing duration timing for each app item.
  • Front-end toggle button for dark/light mode, plus default admin color mode selection.
  • Enhanced search functionality for improved user navigation.
  • App display categorized by type: games or general apps.
  • 16 preset color combinations for greater customization.
  • Strengthened security features for the admin panel dashboard.
  • Support for Google Analytics 4 integration.

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