AppRocket – CPA Marketing Landing Page

AppRocket – CPA Marketing Landing Page

AppRocket is an app-listing type of landing page, used for showcasing or downloading a variety of different apps in a modern and stylish design. AppRocket template has an extensive back-end admin panel, through which you can manage listed apps and configure all other settings without editing a single line of code.
Price: €34.90
License Limit: 1 Domain(Read more about licensing system)
Type: PHP
Current Version: 1.0.2
Created: 1.10.2020
Last Update: 8.1.2021
Number of Downloads: 362

About AppRocket
CPA Marketing Landing Page

Meet AppRocket, landing page made for displaying apps which can be managed entirely through the back-end admin panel without having to edit any code. App-listing type of landing page was highly requested by our customers and it is finally released in its full glory, feauturing modern design with exceptional user interface which will easily guide your visitors through the entire proccess.

AppRocket - Intro Image
Mobile friendly responsive design

Exceptional Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile-first design approach will make sure that your visitors will expirience no issues while visiting the website from their mobile devices, since this landing page is adapted for perfect display on both phone and tablet devices.

You can control the device accessibility through the admin panel settings and select if you wish to allow your visitors to access the website only from mobile devices or from desktop & laptop devices as well. Selecting the mobile-only access will show a special notice for desktop users instead of showing them full front-end of the website.

Admin Dashboard

Adding new apps to the list can be done through easy to use backend admin panel, which allows you to insert new apps through guided user interafce without having to edit code manually.

Managing the list position of existing apps was never easier as you can drag and drop them to change their order position.

Additionally you can also edit all existing text strings to change them accordingly to your needs and edit other important aspects of the site which includes meta tags, logo image, device accessibility and Google Analytics tracking ID.

AppRocket - Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard Preview

12 Different Color Combinations

Changing the overall design appearance is an easy task as you can select between 12 pre-made color combinations.

Pre-set color combinations include 2 color-mode presents for Dark or Light mode and 6 different accent colors which can be applied on both the light or dark color modes.

Logo image can also be changed through the admin panel without having to manually replace the image.

Multi-Network Support

When adding a new app to the list through the admin panel, you will need to insert a redirect URL for each app. Your visitors will be redirected to the entered redirect URL if that app is selected and proccessing is completed.

This means that you can enter a direct URL leading to your locker page, single offer, direct app download file or anything else for that matter, depending on your needs.

Since you can enter a redirect URL for each app individually, this gives you much better overview on the stats of how each app is performing.

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