Phone GiveAway V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page
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Phone GiveAway V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page

Meet our second Phone Give-Away landing page, which is based on the popular Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones. Make sure not to miss out on this exciting landing page, especially if you like give-away niches.
Price: €31.40
License Limit: Up to 3 Domains(Read more about licensing system)
Type: PHP
Current Version: 1.0.0
Created: 2.8.2017
Last Update: 6.8.2017
Number of Downloads: 18

Phone GiveAway V2
CPA Landing Page

If you ever worked on a give-away type niches then you know how important a landing page can be for a successful campaign. We are proud to present you with one of the best give-away landing pages that you can find on the internet. Its stunning design and unmatched functionality will surely amaze your visitors and bring you good results.

Mobile Demo Video

Watch the mobile demo video preview by clicking on the phone image on the right. The Demo video was recorded on the iPhone 7 screen resolution which should give you a clear image how this landing page will look like on mobile devices.

By using a mobile first development approach, we made sure that this landing page will look great on all mobile devices of any screen size and resolution.

This guarantees you that you will make the best use of both your mobile and desktop traffic for your cpa marketing campaigns.

System Support Icon

Features Showcase

GiveAway Countdown Timer

Countdown time indicating the hours left until the next giveaway draw is displayed inside the fixed header navigation bar, both on mobile and desktop devices.

Dynamic Draw Date

Dates of the last and next draw date are calculated dynamically, showing the date of the last Monday and the date of the upcoming Monday inside the results section. You can also easily change the draw day from Monday to any other day of the week.

Easily editable Winners

You can easily edit winner names, location and their won prize by editing winners.php file. This will replace all winner informations on the whole site which save you time and hussle of editing it inside code on multiple places.

Dynamic Give-Away Entry Form

Impress your visitors with a stunning give-away application process, which is featuring interactive device color selection and beautiful personal information form along with dynamic console processing which will display selected color, accessory and visitor personal information before presenting human verification to your visitors at the end.

Fully responsive mobile device support will enable you to get the maximum from your traffic as this landing page will look amazing on all mobile and stationary devices.

Phone GiveAway V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - 100% Responsive

Interactive Color Selection

Beautiful device color selection with live preview will certainly impress your visitors and make your campaign more legit.

Phone GiveAway V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - License Key Protection

License Key Protection

Every customer receives a license key which can be used on up to 3 domains simultaneously. There is no need to worry about someone stealing your LP.

Phone GiveAway V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Easy to integrate

Easy to Integrate

No matter which content locking network you are using, this landing page can be easily integrated with your locker in less than two minutes.

Phone GiveAway V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - 100% Responsive

100% Responsive on all Devices

100% Responsive Landing Page design and functionality will take care of your mobile traffic and perform well on all mobile devices.

Phone GiveAway V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Fast Loading

Lightning Fast

HTML 5 structured code without unnecessary external scripts is optimized for fast loading on all devices, even those with slow connection.

Phone GiveAway V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Free Skype Support

Free Skype Support

Included free skype support for all our customers, where you can get our assistance with setting up your landing page.

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