IG Followers V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page

IG Followers V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page

Meet our second landing page for the always popular IG followers niche. Perfectly designed to match the IG niche with included 100% responsive support, this landing page will make sure to squeeze maximum conversions from both your desktop and mobile traffic. There are 3 different color versions included, so you can pick the one you like the most and start your campaign in no time.
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IG Followers V2 - CPA Landing Page

After numerous requests for releasing a new landing page for the IG followers niche, we are proudly presenting you with our IG Followers Generator V2. This landing page is featuring an amazing generator functionality, which grabs the real profile info of the entered user name and uses it during the generation process. Along with our new recent activity script, fake live chat and dynamic fake comments, this landing page will surely take your IG campaigns on the next level.

3 Color Versions Included

You heard right, you will get 3 different color versions for the same price! We know that everyone has it's own design taste, thats why we made a Rainbow, Light and Dark color variations for our new IG Followers V2 Generator Landing Page. Besides picking the version which you like the most, you can also do some split-testing at the same time and find out which landing page variation works best for your traffic.

Integrated OGads Support

Starting a new IG Followers campaign on OGads network has never been easier, due to our pre-made versions with included support for both OGads content and captcha locker. The only thing that you need to do, is to insert either your Content or Captcha locker script. There are 2 OGads network versions for each color variation, so you can easily use either a captcha or content locker with any of included color variations.

As always, this landing page comes with a detailed Read-Me Instructions file, which will guide you through setting up your locker script and other important aspects of landing page installation. In case you stumble upon something you can't resolve by yourself, we are always here to assist you through our Skype support.

In case you are not using OGads, our IG Followers Generator V2 Landing Page can be easily edited and adapted to any other network of your choice. This can be done as easily as only changing the Human Verification onClick function. If that's a too much for you to handle, you can always contact us and we will integrate your locker script for free.

 IG Followers Generator V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Real Profile Stats

Real Profile Stats

Increase your landing page credibility by displaying real profile info stats of the user-name, which your visitors will enter.

 IG Followers Generator V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - 3 Color Versions

3 Color Variations

Three included color variations with unmatched design based on the IG Followers niche will make sure to grab attention of your visitors.

 IG Followers Generator V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Easy to integrate

Easy to Integrate

No matter which content locking network you are using, this landing page can be easily integrated with your locker in less than two minutes.

IG Followers Generator V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - 100% Responsive

100% Responsive on all Devices

100% Responsive Landing Page design and functionality will take care of your mobile traffic and perform well on all mobile devices.

IG Followers Generator V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Fast Loading

Lightning Fast

HTML 5 structured code without unnecessary external scripts is optimized for fast loading on all devices, even those with slow connection.

 IG Followers Generator V2 – CPA Marketing Landing Page - Free Skype Support

Free Skype Support

Included free skype support for all our customers, where you can get our assistance with setting up your landing page.

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