How to change admin password

For your first dashboard access, you will need to login by using the default admin credentials, which are showed on the log-in form.

After you log-in using the default admin details, you will be re-directed to change the default admin username and password. Please make sure to use a safe password to which only you have access to.

Upon changing the default admin username and password, you will be re-directed back to the login form where you can login using the new admin details which you just entered.

Changing the admin password through admin dashboard

You can change the admin password and username at any time directly through the admin dashboard interface by navigating to “Edit Admin” section. You can set the new admin username and password through the form presented on that page.

Changing the admin password manually

In case you forgot your admin password or username, you can change them manually by editing admin-configuration.php file, which is located inside the root directory of your landing page installation.

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