How to access admin dashboard

All landing pages released after October 1st 2020, will include an admin back-end panel, which allows you to configure all important aspects of your landing page, directly through guided admin user-interface, without having to edit any of the code manually.

In order to access your admin dashboard, you need to navigate to the /admin sub-folder located inside your landing page directory.

Example: If you domain name is called “” and you uploaded files directly inside the root directory, then the admin dashboard would be accessible on the following URL: “”.

First Login

For your first dashboard access, you can login using the default admin credentials which are showed on the log-in form.

After you log-in using the default admin details, you will be re-directed to change the default admin username and password. Please make sure to use a safe password to which only you have access to.

Upon changing the default admin username and password, you will be re-directed back to the login form where you can login using the new admin details which you just entered.

Renaming the admin folder

We encourage everyone to rename the default admin folder and by this make it harder for possible attackers to access the admin log-in form. We recommend to use a combination of letters and characters when renaming the admin folder as showed in the example below.

Example: If you would rename your admin folder to “g4k5e7o9f0j30d” it would then be accessible on “” URL.

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